I continue to be disappointed with the amount of quality wrestling sites on the sites on the web, particularly as it relates to “news.” Once upon a time, LordsOfPain.net used to be one of my favorites. As far as a copy/paste sites went, there were so much better than all the Ryan Clark sites (which were and are trash). Unfortunately, LOP is basically trash at this point as well, so I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

For those who stumble on this post and aren’t familiar with TVE (The Vortex Effect), allow me to give you a quick run down.

Back in 2004 I started writing wrestling columns in the LOP Columns Forum under the name Stinger and with the column series “A View From the Rafters.” In my time at LOP, I won a couple of COTM awards and an NXT competition to on to become a column writer for LordsOfPain.net in 2010. I wrote the fairly successful “Deadly Venom” series for LOP from about September 2010 to April 2011.

In August 2004, I started up a wrestling forum called “Wrestling Matters” with some ofter folks from the LOP Forums, both columnists and non-columnists. That site lasted a little over a year until I split with half the group and founded another wrestling forum called “United Wrestling Front.” UWF was a lot more successful than Wrestling Matters, and ultimately we did start a series of attempts at creating a main page for UWF the last of which included a blog right here on WordPress.com that was shut down without warning one day for a “TOS violation” that I still don’t have a clue would have been about.

In 2008, UWF moved to a new forum software and we changed the name to HeelZone and started a new blog under that name. It was quite successful and lasted a number of years. While writing for the LOP main page, I began to get burned out and less interested in wrestling. As luck would have it, a community manager for WWE games at THQ contacted me via Twitter and asked if I wanted to review WWE All Stars. Naturally, I said “yes” and my last column posted on LOP was in April 2011 and it was a review of that video game. That led to the renaming of “HeelZone,” and the creation of a new blog for, to The Vortex Effect. Today, TVE is by far the most successful venture our community has had. But, over time, TVE has veered more and more away from pro wrestling and has become a mostly video game and movie oriented website.

And frankly, most of TVE’s readers couldn’t care less about professional wrestling so I’m perfectly happy to not have wrestling on TVE any longer. And that’s where this site comes in, it is TVE’s official pro wrestling blog for news and columns. Mainly it gives me, and other TVE staffers, an outlet to write about wrestling whenever we want too.

More importantly, I’m aiming to make this a quality wrestling site for actual wrestling news that the average fan cares about. What some wrestler said on Twitter isn’t news. If people care about what wrestlers are tweeting then they would be following the wrestlers. Also, what some celebrity who made a wrestling appearance one or two times years ago is currently doing also isn’t wrestling news. If it ain’t wrestling news, we simply aren’t covering it. Is Stacy Keibler getting a new show or marrying George Clooney? Who cares, she hasn’t been in wrestling in years and hence it isn’t wrestling news.

PW Main Event will most likely only be updated a few times a week, but follow or subscribe as we promise this will be a no BS wrestling site by wrestling fans for wrestling fans. I know that sounds cliche, but if I’m tired of seeing mostly non-news on wrestling news sites then I am sure there are countless other fans who are as well. This site is for those people.

This is PW Main Event; old school attitude, no B.S.